I’m a little VERY behind on blogging. So, I figured what better way to start of the NEW YEAR than with my sweet baby girl’s first birthday. She turned one this month. ONE!
That’s one year that she’s been with us. I can no longer say, “I was pregnant this time last year.” Seems like this past year just flew by, but isn’t that typical with our little ones? We blink and 1 year has passed, we blink twice and they are 10!
I have loved, so much, getting to know my girl. She’s sweet, she’s sassy. From the beginning I said she was “drama.” However, the more I get to know her, I don’t really think she is drama. She will be a strong woman, I see it in the way she already stands up to her big brother. She doesn’t put up with nonsense. She’s a bit shy. Not your typical baby who will smile real big at you if you’re a stranger. She’s not that baby who laughs and coos at the old lady in the grocery store. It takes her time to get comfortable with people. It used to bother me that she was so serious around other people. Now, I am thankful for that. My girl is very intuitive. I believe she only allows those people who really show interest in her to get close. I pray she guards her heart and has confidence to brush off the insecurities that come with growing up. I pray she continues to invest her heart into people who truly want to know her and love her for her.

I decided to do a tea party for her first birthday. With a huge help from my mom and (almost) sister-in-law we made chicken salad on croissants (My mom makes the best chicken salad. I seriously gained 10 lbs. from eating so many), mini key lime pies, cupcakes, Tessa’s smash cake, chocolate covered strawberries…I know I am forgetting something!

I can’t tell you just how much I loved her cake! I didn’t want to cut it. Glad I did, though! Best darn cake I ever tasted!!

We served a variety of hot teas and pink lemonade.
For the party favors I sewed up some fun little aprons for the girls.
Did she like the cake? Did she like smashing the cake? Well, I’ll let you be the judge.

Tissue Poms provided by the AMAZING Megan Astor of Sweet Tea Paper. She is so great to work with. Please mention I sent you to her!

Tea Cups: I’ve been collecting them for quite some time. Recently I purchased some from one of my favorite little antique shops here in Winter Haven: Orchid Springs Curiosities and Antiques Jane, the owner is just so kind and friendly. I love looking around her shop. Stop in and see her if you’re in town. And tell her Rachel said, “Hi!”

Cake Stands: A couple of the white cake stands, the silver cake stand, and the pretty pink depression glass cake stand are from Jane’s Store: Orchid Springs Curiosities and Antiques . I also purchased one from Pier 1 a couple of years ago.

Mint paper straws are also from Sweet Tea Paper.

Pink Depression Glass Candy Dish is from my recent trip to North Carolina. I got it for a steal of a deal!

I am starting to build my Jadeite Collection. Mini Jadeite Tea cups and saucers are from Southern Comfort Antiques in Dundee. Along with some of my jadeite regular sized saucers. My mom gave me the regular sized jadeite tea cup and saucer. Thanks mom!

Cake Bunting is from Athena and Eugenia. I absolutely adore this little fabric bunting. It went perfect with the decor and even more perfect with Tessa’s pink ruffle cake. Not to mention I ordered it last minute and Athena did everything she could to get it to me in time for the party!